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Happy New Year!

Back in the office I’ve read with great interest the story about a disgruntled customer at Indianapolis’ Kilroy’s on New Year’s Eve. While our team manages social media, it can sometimes be a conundrum how to manage customer comments on social media pages. In this case, neither the customer nor the manager held back in […]

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Ya never know where a media hit will lead you

It’s true as much as I hate to admit it–sometimes clients don’t truly understand public relations and why professionals recommend taking action as part of a larger strategy. Some clients end up bumping heads with the PR professional while others (some of my best and most loved clients) jump on and hang on for the […]

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Honesty in public relations

I was intrigued to find a story a few weeks ago saying that a new study shows how to figure out if bosses are lying. Two guys from Stanford reviewed transcripts of nearly 30,000 conference calls by American chief executives and chief financial officers. They reviewed their “tells” to figure out what words and phrases […]

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