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The importance of internal communications

I was recently researching information for a client to derive recommendations for an internal employee communications program surrounding culture and wellness. I stumbled on a great Gallup research study with the title Why Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn’t Working. It reminded me of the importance of employee communications for business leaders. Here’s the study summary: […]

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Public Relations isn’t just about talking to reporters…

I posted this blog several months ago. This week I heard several people working outside the field of public relations refer to the profession as a job that simply scores press for clients. If it were only so simple! I thought I’d pull this blog out… dust it off and hopefully change a few perceptions. […]

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Make sure you can fulfill your marketing…

I’ve seen it happen too many times. Companies and business owners want more business. So they embark on a marketing/communications program BUT they aren’t prepared for what happens next. Customers! Hopefully by now you’ve heard of Groupon. It’s a simple social media marketing idea that’s taken off. Business owners partner with Groupon. Groupon sends out […]

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