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Hostetler Public Relations strives to stay current on the latest information and research in the field of public relations and marketing/communications, including leadership, strategic planning, social media marketing, content management, media relations and more. Here are some of the more interesting articles along with information we’ve read over the years. While the communications tools are ever changing, the basics remain the same. Enjoy!

10 Social Media Stats

FastCompany published this story about some interesting social media marketing facts from 2013. Some may surprise you. Read on…

Building trust: Best practice for PR leaders

This is a great article that shows perceptions and attitudes related to how people view business entities in today’s economic climate. How are you building trust with your clients and customers? Read on…

Social media’s impact on news

Some people talk about social media as a magic bullet in a public relations and communications plan. Not so, social media is one more tool (an important one) to getting your message out! Read on to see how high school’ers stay informed in today’s electronic world….

Do you have Superfans?

Sometimes we’re so worried about getting new customers, we forget about keeping our current customers satisfied. Someone wise once told me, “Customers get you more customers.” So true! Here’s a great reminder about creating Brand Superfans…

Are news releases dead?

In a random poll of Indianapolis reporters, they unanimously agree news releases are alive and kicking. Click here for more information…

Frequently asked questions about public relations

Just like other business owners, we frequently get the same set of questions from colleagues interested in learning about public relations in Indianapolis. Check out the questions and how we answer via the PDF we’ve created to help business owners.
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How the press uses and values public relations

This study shows reporters still rely on public relations professionals to help get their job done. The research surveyed national press sources to find out how they use outside sources.

  • Website use for editing and reporting “all the time” is more than 90% among all journalists regardless of age.
  • Social networking sites and podcasts are used least often.
  • Of the nine press sources examined in the study, submissions from PR professionals are used by more than 94% of editors/journalists.
  • To identify story ideas, Web site are most important to editors/journalists followed by submissions from PR professionals.
Philanthropy and Gender

In January, 2010, the Offord Group published a paper on philanthropy and gender. It shows when non-profits are developing a strategy to attract donors; there are drastic differences between men and women’s behaviors. Women are more generous than men with the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University finding single women far more likely to give than single men; married individuals are more likely to give than single men. The Institute also found women who participate in donor education programs are more likely to give larger gifts, to give unrestricted gifts, to develop a long-term giving plan, and to hold leadership roles on non-profit boards.
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Do small businesses use social networking?

The survey of 500 executives running businesses with less than 100 employees found

  • 76% find sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be of little help in finding new business leads.
  • 86% of those questioned have not used social networking sites to look for business advice or information.

Experts cited in the white paper believe small business owners are simply feeling their way into social media to help grow their business.

For quality PR, learn tricks of the trade

This is a great article written by an Entrepreneur.com journalist many years ago. It lists 30 events in the life of any business that could be turned into news opportunities.
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