What is an independent PR Practitioner . . . really?

Some 15 years ago when I decided to venture into the world of independent work (it was called freelance then) people thought I was crazy. At that time, only a few of us in Indianapolis were working independently. There were large downtown PR agencies filled with my business associates/friends I’d made over the years. Then there were PR professionals in Indianapolis working for businesses, government, sporting teams and non-profits.

Today, the independents seem to outnumber the agencies. We’ve found each other. We partner and work on projects together. We use our creativity to tap each other’s skills and get great results. If that’s not enough benefit to the client consider this:

Customization: Every client is different. That means their marketing communications needs are unique. Finding the right professionals to execute what a client needs is often easier for a well-networked independent. We can find the resources and make things happen effectively, efficiently and within budget.

Expertise: Most independents have expertise in a wide range of public relations and marketing/communications. If we don’t do it, we know someone who knows how to do it well.

Budget: Most of us have low to no overhead. I often joke my office is my duffle bag that carries my MAC and my padfolio. Like most independents, a day in the office is a rare day. We’re out meeting with clients, prospects, networking and generally getting things done. We know no work means no pay—and that’s motivational for us while beneficial to clients since we deliver.

So here’s to my independent public relations professionals in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. Let’s keep up the good work and our successes on behalf of our clients.

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