Do we do websites? The answer is yes.

Often business leaders look to website development firms to build out their website. There are many good firms in central Indiana that do great work. The challenge for a business leader is this: often those firms ask clients to write their own copy, project manage their build out and approve steps where they’re uncomfortable (it’s not their expertise afterall). We’ve come upon this time and time again.

If you are thinking about updating or building out your website, keep this in mind. There are several facets to building a website:

Branding look: Graphic Design, photography and the homepage/interior page look.

Branding message: Writing and editing page copy.

Tech build out: The Platform, build out and making it live.

Project management: The person who makes it happen on time and to budget.

SEO: Making sure the right words are used and programmed for people searching for you.

When we work with clients on website projects, our role is project management, writing and SEO (some partners program and some do not). We have partners that are experts in the other areas. The team comes together for a seamless build out and customer experience.

Our advice to anyone shopping for a partner, ask the firm if they can manage all facets listed above. Ask how they specifically do it, too. Be sure they explain their step-by-step process so you know what to expect during the build out. If there’s a step that you’re being asked to manage and don’t understand, stop the project and get clarity before you proceed. Also ask how the website will be used in your overall marketing and public relations campaign. A website should never be a stand alone tactic. It should work for you.

Creating your website should be a great experience with an end product you feel proud to show off. It never should feel overwhelming or frustrating.

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