New public relations business in a strong economy

Our blog has been quiet for over a year. WOW! I didn’t realize I’d taken that long of a break and shame on me. Truth be told, we’ve been busy. The economic climate turned for the better. Clients reengaged and we’ve focused on their needs. Business is strong! Thank you.

So what have we been doing?

Full-service public relations. Many of our clients are business owners or leaders. They’re great at what they do and their core business, but most admit they’re not strong communicators. We’ve been creating teams by hand selecting public relations professionals. Together, we’re creating public relations strategies and working in partnership with clients to execute them. Instead of hiring, our clients choose to work with us as their marketing communications department.

Expanding into internal communications. For many years, our team has been known for its external communications services—media relations, websites, social media, sales team support, for example. An opportunity to work with Rolls-Royce managing and supporting internal communications in manufacturing operations came along last year. Through a secondary company that provides public relations staff support, we’ve expanded into internal communications. We have a solid team in place creating positive culture change.

Whether you’re looking to get into public relations or have communications needs, we’d love to hear form you. The economy is strong and we’re ready to grow with it. Call or email us.


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